Ezina Meditation

Our family has long used meditation as a way of staying healthy and centered. 

When I say centered, I mean focused and balanced. 

Focused on the things in my life that give it meaning and help me to be a force for good in the world. 

Balanced in my approach to managing daily activities and taking care of my body and mind. 

Below are some of the products we have developed based on our experience and learning about the world of meditation and wellness. We hope you find this page and the information useful and encouraging. We also hope that our small business is making even a small impact to encourage people to take control of their lives and take responsibility for things within their circle of influence. Our products are both symbolic and made from materials we believe have health properties. 


Orgonite is designed to organize the negative energy that is all around us. This comes from mobile devices, motor vehicles, radio towers and much more. Our bodies were not designed to absorb this disorganized array of waves. Orgonite counteracts these negative and draining energies but absorbing and reorganizing these waves so as to not disrupt the natural energy of our bodies. These products are a life enhancement products and not intended as a cure for a medical condition. We do not make any claims to the healing properties of these products.


Flower of life Gemstone Pendant Amulet is made from polished Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye. Prosperity and abundance qualities are enhanced with unique variations of gold and white specks from Calcite and Pyrite. These stones stimulate the third eye of the Chakra and help to open the imagination. Lapis Lazuli is also a sign of beauty and will enhance your inner glow. This stone has been used as a remedy for tension and stress when the wearer is able to quiet themselves and breathe deeply.


Magnetized Alaskan Hematite  is also known as Alaska Black Diamond. Hematite is known to absorb toxic emotions that are holding you back which opens the way for positive energy. It is useful in providing balance and alignment to the seven chakras. Meditation and Chakra experts advise that Hematite also promotes blood circulation and energizes the body. The number 23 corresponds to traits such as being adventurous, a good companion, and creativity.


 Stones and Crystals

Aquamarine This stone signifies letting go of the things we can’t control and taking responsibility for the things we can. Aquamarine is known as the stone of the sea and is known to aid in protection and clear and thoughtful communication. Uses: Aquamarine is an excellent stone for speakers, teachers, and presenters, allowing them to articulate their thoughts with clarity and confidence.

Amethyst represents spiritual healing and cleansing

Uses: Increases Spiritual awareness and promotes inner peace with strong cleansing and healing powers


Carnelian is a powerful vitality stone that signifies harmony, joy and individual expression.

Uses: Excellent for releasing toxins and relieving joint pain from negative emotions.

Tiger's Eye

We love tiger eye for its power and protection. We call it the warrior stone as it promote courage and integrity

Uses: Great for negotiators and businessmen. Excellent for high stress jobs that require constant emotional rebalancing.


Jade is our love-stone. It promotes peace, wisdom and fertility. It is a wonderful stone for bonding and relationship building

Uses: Excellent relational stone for friends or lovers. Excellent for psychology and counseling fields where connection and insight are required. Highly recommended for HR managers.

Lapis Lazuli

We like to call Lapis the clarity stone. We wear lapis to increase mental clarity and self-confidence which is part of our mission statement.

Uses: Excellent for communications and speaking. Aids in the honest and loving expression of emotion.


Malachite is our change and rebirth stone. It signifies shedding old ideas that hold us back from our true potential

Uses: Excellent for pregnant mothers and individuals with joint pain.

Rainbow Moonstone


We think of this stone as the passion stone. It enhances desire and heightens awareness

Uses: Excellent in the psychic field and for writers and artists.